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Financial Aid


IF you are applying for financial assistance or require a payment arrangement YOU MUST COMPLETE  THE ON LINE REGISTRATION FIRST, all the way to the CHECKOUT section. THEN contact Wendy as soon as possible at the office, to confirm availability and finalize a spot for your child.

Many organizations offer financial support for registering children into sports programs. Jumpstart Canada and KidSport are the two organizations Woodstock FC suggests. These organizations each take 6-8 weeks to process payment.

  • Full name of the organization: Woodstock Soccer Club (Woodstock FC)
  • Start Date: May 28, 2024
  • End Date: August 15, 2024
  • Club Contact: Wendy Gravel  

Woodstock Soccer Club stands behind the belief that all kids play and provides measures to ensure finances are not a barrier for athletes to play soccer in our Club. If you require assistance , please reach out to us at so we can work together.

A subsidy program sponsored by Canadian Tire Jumpstart Individual Child Grants assist families in financial need with the costs of enrolling their child/children in sport and recreation activities. Assistance is available for children between 4 -18 years of age.

Apply for JumpStart online HERE

Kidsport is a national organization driven to eliminate  financial obstacles for athletes wishing to participate in physical activity at a club or school level.

Start HERE