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Financial Aid

Many organizations offer financial support for registering children into sports programs. Woodstock FC requires proof of funding to be sent by March 30 to place a player on a team, so apply early.

Jumpstart Canada and KidSport are the two organizations Woodstock FC suggests. These organizations each take 6-8 weeks to process payment, so please be mindful of the processing time and the deadline to submit proof. 

Once you have applied to a subsidy provider, please email to advise of registration, funding application, and plan to pay any balance of fees. Send proof of funding application: a copy of the Jumpstart online confirmation page or a copy of the Kidsport application.

The application may ask for some club/program details. These dates are approximate & solely for funding applications:

  • Full name of the organization: Woodstock Soccer Club (Woodstock FC)
  • Start Date: May 29
  • End Date: August 18
  • Club Contact: Wendy Gravel  519-421-0030

Woodstock Soccer Club stands behind the belief that all kids play and provides measures to ensure finances are not a barrier for athletes to play soccer in our Club. If you require assistance , please reach out to us at so we can work together.

A subsidy program sponsored by Canadian Tire Jumpstart Individual Child Grants assist families in financial need with the costs of enrolling their child/children in sport and recreation activities. Assistance is available for children between 4 -18 years of age.

Apply for JumpStart online HERE

Kidsport is a national organization driven to eliminate  financial obstacles for athletes wishing to participate in physical activity at a club or school level.

Start HERE