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Field closures are dictated by  the Parks and Recreation department of the City of Woodstock.

Any decision to close a sport field due to wet conditions is made by the City no later than 3pm. Soccer would be cancelled in these instances.

Woodstock FC would notify all coaches via email who would in turn notify their players.



Temperature of 32C or lower. All club activities proceed as normal.

Temperature between 32C and 38C. All club activities proceed with additional water breaks. *for matches, it is at the referee/coaches discretion to provide more than one 2 minute water break per half.

Temperature of 38C or higher. Club may cancel all outdoor activity.

Parental discretion should be used.


Matches for all age groups are NOT cancelled due to rain. Parental discretion should be used to determine participation.

Woodstock FC adheres to the Canada Soccer Lightning Safety/Severe Weather policy. At the first sign of lightning or thunder, the referee shall stop the game in progress, regardless if it is raining or not. 


Cancellations are posted on the club website at  or our Facebook page. Please do not call the office. If soccer is cancelled due to weather the club will notify Coaches by email no later than 4:00pm. Coaches are responsible for contacting their own players to let them know.  Parks and Recreation staff for the City of Woodstock have the right to enforce this policy in advance if the severe weather warnings dictate.

Games cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled nor refunded